Daniel Studer



Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin: Im Hellen

Harald Kimmig, vl
Daniel Studer, b
Alfred Zimmerlin, vc

Recorded July 11–12, 2015 at Studio 1, Radio SRF2, Zürich.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michaela Wiesbeck.
CD-master by Peter Pfister.
Liner Notes by by Andy Hamilton.
Titels of the works by Annette Pehnt.
Graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.
Produced by Peter Bürli for Radio SRF2 and Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin.
Executive production by Bernhard “Benne” Vischer; Christian C. Dalucas & Werner X. Uehlinger.

label: HatHut Records, hat[now]ART 201, 2017

order: info@danielstuder.ch, HatHut Records.

liner notes:

From the beginnings of free improvisation in the 1960s, proponents subjected their instruments to unprecedented interro- gation, in pursuit of the instrumental impulse. This is shown in the work of Swiss-German trio Kimmig–Studer–Zimmerlin: Harald Kimmig (violin), Daniel Studer (bass) and Alfred Zimmerlin (cello). On this recording, the instrumental impulse is exuberantly expressed, in what Studer prefers to call “improvisation without any prefixed compositional tool”. The trio pull, grab and smack their strings, scratching and striking the body of the instrument, using it as a resonator. These are not mere “extended techniques”. Andy Hamilton, 2017

cd reviews:

… Oft zart, pausendurchsetzt, manchmal fast zerbrechlich. Klar gesetzte Töne, einzeln, in Trauben oder Klangverbindungen. Kein Ton zuviel, jeder scheint wohlüberlegt gesetzt zu sein. Nicht nur das - die drei brauchen nichts außer einen gezielten Bogenstrich, wenige Noten, um ganze Welten der Assoziation, auch an lyrischen Melodien oder den Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts zu öffnen, um ganz gezielt bei vagen Andeutungen und zugleich im Hier & Jetzt zu bleiben.
Nina Polaschegg, freiStil 10/17
complete review, download

… il y a une grande cohérence dans cette expression immédiate d’inprovisation radicale. On trouve dans leur musique autant de procédés du travail du son, des lignes et du contenu que chez un compositeur exigeant. Mais ici, ils sont agencés spontanément avec une conscience aiguë de la forme et du déroulement temporel, comme si tout coulait de source. Un groupe d’improvisation incontournable qui compose en temps réel. Quelques soient les méthodes et les procédés, ce qui compte, c’est la musique qu’on écoute et celle-ci est superlative.
Jean Michel Van Schouwburg, 2017
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This trio of violin, contrabass and violoncello perform improvised pieces with a playful earnestness that combines a slightly impulsive aesthetic of plucking, stretching and percussive approach to performance with a wise appreciation of minimalism, space, hiatus, and the power of the pregnant pause.…
The quality is exemplary, the performances clean and powerful and the musical focus tight. It’s a really bold and clear musical vision that commands attention.

Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K., 2017

…Throughout it all the aforementioned boundaries comfortably blur and dissipate into arbitrariness such that what’s left is music in an unalloyed state of mutual agreement and formation. In other words, it’s exactly the sort of alchemy that invites active embrace by curious ears.
Derek Taylor, Dusted, September 1st, 2017
complete review, download

…Una lotta gioiosa, tra spazio e tempo, suono e silenzio, movimento e quiete, tesa a produrre musica che sfida le convenzioni di una facile accesso melodico per affidarsi al puro istinto di chi sente ed ha la musica dentro di sé.
Flavio Caprera, Jazzconvention, 2017

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