Daniel Studer



Aus freien Stücken

Kurt Grämiger (as)
Daniel Studer (b)
Dieter Ulrich (dr)

recorded at Studio 2, Radio Studio Zurich (DRS2), 2001
sound engineer: Ron Kurz

label: ART-PURecords 08, 2004

order: info@danielstuder.ch, ART-PURecords

cd reviews:

It can be difficult for a sax-led trio to forge a unique sound, but this one manages to so, with the players interacting intensely, following the lead of Kurt Grämiger, whose alto sax is notable for an usual elasticity and creative drive. The first two tracks contain much of what is to come: quirky rhythms, angular sax thrusts, strong and confident drumming, and a powerful presence from one of Europe's leading bassists, Daniel Studer.…they show how powerful a presence they can be, as the piece explores a diverse range of passion. Almost halfway through the lengthy piece, the sax drops out and bass and drums duel wickedly for three minutes, a highlight on the disk as they incorporates fascinating rhythms and textures with continuous surprises. This Swiss release may be hard to locate, but it is worth seeking as it suggests some innovative approaches for the sax-led trio.
Steven Loewy, 2005

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