Daniel Studer



Extended II, For Strings & Piano

Harald Kimmig vl
Frantz Loriot va
Alfred Zimmerlin vc
Daniel Studer b, comp
Philip Zoubek p

All works by Daniel Studer

Live at Kunstraum Walcheturm in Zurich, November 14, 2021.
Recorded, mixed & edited by Ron Kurz, CornerOff Productions.
CD-master by Michael Brändli, Hardstudios AG.
Liner notes by Brian Morton.
graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.
Associate producer: Christian C. Dalucas.
Executive producer: Werner X. Uehlinger.
Honorary producer: Bernhard “Benne” Vischer.

Thanks to Heinrich Mätzener, Musikpodium der Stadt Zürich.

label: HatHut, ezz-thetics 1044, 2023

music (excerpts):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
stereo and binaural mix (for headphones).


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In the second piece for this quintet (see also Extended), sound, form and spatial perception are deepened. The instruments are arranged around the audience, which thus finds itself in the middle of the sound space. The sounds in the central part are distilled out of a kind of "primordial soup" and organized from chaotic to extremely strict.

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liner notes:

…Extended II seems to me to illustrate the same point as its predecessor. These are men at work. The work is sound, as projected in three dimensions and across time. The composi-tion is the realisation of that process of work. Old philosophers used to refer to reality – the solid bricks-and-mortar and fellow-beings that surrounded us – as “the extended world” or as “extensions”, and that applies to the music you are holding. It extends because it exists in space and time, and it also extends, in the other sense, what we believe music to be.
Brian Morton

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