Daniel Studer




Peter K Frey (b)
Jan Schlegel (eb)
Daniel Studer (b)
Christian Weber (b)

Fluid I, 2023, 28:22
Jurassic Lullaby, 2023, 4:12
Klunka Chunka, 2023, 1:46
live in Zurich, 2013, 22:10
live in Zurich, 2013, 6:56

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photo 1 (jpg), photo by Dominic Büttner
photo 2 (jpg), photo by Dominic Büttner

Four masters of the long wires - an unusual instrumentation indeed - are lying about the image of the sedate bass. They know the function of the bass of countless ensembles, from solo to orchestra. As mediators between groove, harmony and melody, they are more than the supposed fundamentalists in the audiophysical sense. All four are known for their diversity - not afraid of conventional and unconventional handling of their instruments, always on the lookout for new ways, even in traditional manners. Different playing techniques and occasional preparations are never an end in themselves, but always a natural sound repertoire that serves the musical continuation and shaping. The bassists are responsible for stretching the bow and forming forms. Noisy, dense, bulky and melodic material can be transformed into new directions at any time. This gives dynamics a spatial dimension. As the premiere at the Walcheturm in Zurich in 2013 already made audible, these bassists also captivate with their clever communication - a dialogue that will also give pleasure to the audience!


25.09.2021, 20:00, Galerie Kemptnertobel, Tobelweg 9, Wetzikon ZH
24.03.2019, 18:00, Schlosserei Nenniger, Grubenstrasse, Zürich
09.06.2018, 21:00, Wiediker Jazzfest, Enfant terrible, Zentralstrasse 156, Zürch
03.11.2017, WIM Bern, Progr, Bern
08.04.2017, 20:00, Bau 4, Altbüron
10.04.2016, CD Taufe "Zurich Concerts", WIM, Magnusstrasse 5, Zürich
18.10.2015, 16:00, Festival GONG, Aarau (with Pascal Niggenkemper)

WIM-Hearings, five concertes at WIM Zurich 2014-2015:
13.04.2015, 20:15
08.13.2015, 11:00
14.01.2015, 20:15
09.12.2014, 20:15
15.11.2014, 20:15

11.12.2013, 20:30, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich (www.walcheturm.ch)


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Tetrapylon, 2023
on Zurich Concerts, 2013

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