Daniel Studer



Badrutt Demierre Leimgruber Studer Zimmerlin

Gaudenz Badrutt, electr.
Jacques Demierre, harm
Urs Leimgruber, saxes
Daniel Studer, b
Alfred Zimmerlin, vc

live at WIM Zürich, Teil 1, 2019
live at Voirie Biel, Teil 1, 2019
live at WIM Zürich, Teil 2, 2019

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The quintet Badrutt - Demierre - Leimgruber - Studer - Zimmerlin was founded in 2018, on the occasion of a rather coincidental outdoor music-making session on the tower-altar of the Chapelle Sainte-Philomène in Puget-Ville / Haute-Ville (F). In the face of the lofty heights, the magnificent view of the hills of Provence and the scent of the herbs, a fresh, intense and very open music spontaneously emerged, to which even the musicians themselves listened in amazement. Since then, however, the quintet has also explored the acoustics of concert halls. Equipped with reduced instruments, they play a noisy music with finely chiselled structures. Rarely does an instrument sound as it usually would. The quintet is united by a common, consistent temporal and formal creative will as well as specific sound research on the respective instruments - the unusual composition of harmonium, saxophones, two strings and electronics opens up various new sound spaces and sound combinations.


01.-03.04.2022, TBA

10.-11.05.2022, TBA
12.05.2022, 20:30, Le Singe, Biel

20.09.2022, Chur

past concerts:
29.09.2019, 20:00, Voirie, Biel
27.09.2019, 20:00, WIM, Zürich

09.09.2018, Puget-Ville / Haute-Ville (F)

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